Google Search Console Presentation

A brief overview of Google Search Console
Colorful infographic depicting google search console

What is Google Search Console?

Google Search Console (formerly Google Webmaster Tools) is a free online tool for:

  • Monitoring,
  • Maintaining,
  • and Troubleshooting websites' Google search result rankings and presence.
Getting started with Google Search Console

Who Uses Google Search Console?

  • Business Owners
  • SEO Specialists
  • Digital Marketers
  • Website Administrators
  • Web Developers

What can Google Search Console be used for?

Google Search Console provides tools and information to help:

  • Monitor SEO performance of websites
  • Monitor website traffic
  • Optimize search result rankings
  • Monitor server errors
  • Troubleshoot security issues
  • Recognise siteload issues
  • Identify and resolve common markup issues

Google Search Console Dashboard

Google Search Console Dashboard

Important Dashboard Elements

  • Main menu
  • URL search bar
  • Notifications
  • User Settings
  • Help
  • Properties
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Important Reports

Google Search Console can generate reports about the search performance, index coverage, backlinks, mobile usability and more of a website. These reports give insights about the website and can help inform decisions about search engine optimization and website development. Reports can be exported using the export button found in the top right corner of each report page.

Export button on Google Search Console UI

Understanding Reports

Each report shows data for the following metrics:

Metric Definition
Clicks The number of times someone clicked through to a web page from search results
Impressions The number of times a web page appears in a Google SERP
Click Through Rate (CTR) The percentage of people who click on a link leading to your website after seeing it in the search results
Average Position Where a web page appears in search results for different search queries